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Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching George Clooney’s critically acclaimedThe Descendants staring George Clooney film The Descendants. Directed by Alexander Payne, and his first movie since Sideways, this is a cinematic triumph.

It tells the story of Matt King (Clooney) who lives on a tropical Hawaiian island. However, immediately the tone of the film is outlined when King describes how outsiders believe he lives in paradise, but to them he so eloquently replies, “I think paradise can go fuck itself”. This is a man who has let his work as a lawyer overrun his life; lost the ability to communicate in a meaningful way with his wife (who we later discover has been having an affair); his daughter has been shipped to boarding school on another island for her uncontrollable behaviour; and to top it off he no longer has any time to surf (the quintessential Hawaiian pastime). Oh, and I forgot to mention, his wife is in a comer: this truly is the story of a man far from paradise. (more…)


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